Women’s Winter High Boots Fashion Trends 2017

When it comes to fall/winter trends, there are certain elements which are more appealing to women than the rest. For example, the coats, jackets, pants and blouses are all very appealing but what really makes a woman weak in the knees is a nice pair of boots. The women’s winter high boots fashion trends 2017 are looking very well as they are suited for all possible tastes. Lets take a look and see what are the most popular trends.

How to wear them

Depending on the weather, there are a lot of ways to wear high boots. They can go perfectly with feminine floral printed garments like the ones from the 2017 Veronica M collection. These clothes look rather summerish, but they are perfect for fall, featuring long sleeves and thick fabrics. When wearing high boots with printed garments, make sure the color of the boots batches the background of the floral printed clothes. When the weather gets colder, you can easily wear the boots with both long and short coats.

How to choose the right boots

  • Boots Length

This season’s high boots come in various shapes and lengths. The Fashion Week runaways features all types of boots such as ankle boots or knee boots. We even spotted some mid calf boots but the most popular models were the over the knee boots. According to the Women’s winter high boots fashion trends, all women, must wear at least one pair of over the knee boots.

  • Materials

When it comes to shoes, leather is always the preferred material, whether it is normal or suede. However, this winter the fur trend is also taking over the shoe section. If you are not a fan of natural fur, there are also a lot of models made of karakul, pony and other fluffy materials. Some models are made from nubuck material or wooden fabrics.

  • Heels

It is a well known fact that a nice heel can have a powerful impact on a woman. Not only does a heel make the feet look nicer but it also makes the body look better. According to the new boots trends, thick heels are back. As far as height goes, the higher the better. However, tall women needn’t worry because there are also a lot of gorgeous flat boot models. The flat boots are not only comfortable but they are also very stylish. Flat boots are no longer just for casual outfits; they can also be worn with elegant outfits.

  • Colors

When it comes to the color of the boots, the dark tones have always been the most popular ones. Black continues to be the number one choice when it comes to the color of the boots. However, dark brown and rusty brow are also very popular especially during the fall. Furthermore, other popular color choices include white, burgundy, mustard, pink, emerald, khaki, shades of blue, orange, gray, golden and silver. The print choices are very limited and they mostly consist of animal fur patterns or geometric pasterns.

  • Decorative elements

In order to satisfy all possible tastes, the women’s winter high boots fashion trends also emphasize on the decorative elements of boots. The most popular decorative elements are lace, straps, rivets as well as metal accessories.