Women Fashion Winter Outerwear Trends 2014

Most women think that winter is the worst of all seasons. However, true fashionistas know that winter is the most versatile season as it allows us to wear countless types of outfits. Furthermore, this season really tests our fashion abilities as we can’t just get away with a cute skirt and a nice shirt.  We have to combine layers, scarfs, gloves, coats, hat and so on. Luckily, the designers are willing to help us by giving us a few fashion guidelines. Lets take a look at the women fashion winter outerwear trends 2014.

  • Fabrics

As far as the fabric goes, the women fashion winter outerwear trends 2014 have a wide variety of choices. The trendies outerwear clothes are made of leather, sheepskin, fur, suede, wool, mohair and velour. Quilted fabrics and knitted patters are also very trendy and they should be featured in the wardrobes of all the fashionable women. Furthermore, most designers have dedicated this season to bold fashion choices so if you really want to look stylish, stay away from classic and common fashion choices and wear bold combinations and daring colors.

  • Prints and colors

The main colors that will dominate the catwalks this season are: lavender, pale pink, white, gray, emerald, red, blue, purple, green and mustard. As we mentioned above, this year we abandon the timeless trends and dare to be bold. The hottest outerwear pieces of this season are colored fur coats. Furthermore, animal prints, check patterns, strips, camouflage and abstract designs are also very trendy this winter. You can follow these guidelines to prepare your wardrobe for this winter’s street fashion, and you’ll definitely stand out in a crowd. You have to be careful however, because although the trend is permissive, not all combinations work, and you can end up covering yourself in too many fabrics and patterns, thus disguising your figure and seducing airplanes off their routes. Street fashion allows you to be daring and nonconformist, but style is something you have or you have to work at acquiring.

  • Coats

One of the most pleasant surprises of this season’s trends was the revival of the classical capes. This piece of clothing has been present in almost all the designer collections and it has been approached in various ways. For example, the revived cape can be worn in an elegant outfit as well as with casual sports clothes. Padded coats are also very popular whether they are sporty or feminine.

  • Designer inspiration

Although there are certain aspects which can be found in the more than one designer collection, in most cases, each designer has a unique approach to the new trends. For example, this year, Zara, presented a collection inspired by minimalistic and abstract concepts. This collection is perfect for city girls who run the streets like their own private catwalks. Some fashion brands, like Asos were inspired by grudge and punk motives while others chose Victorian inspiration. As you can see the women fashion winter outerwear trends 2014 are so diverse that they can satisfy all possible styles.