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Witty Ideas to Accessorize Your Clothing with Ribbons

A ribbon looks simple and is also very cheap, but it can add a lot to your dress if you use it correctly. Maybe you are living on a budget and do not have money to buy expensive accessories; you can always opt for ribbons, and it will prove to be the perfect alternative to accessories your dress and make you look fantastic.  You can adopt any of the methods described below to accessorize your clothing with ribbons.  

Ribbon halter and strapless dress can go perfectly

You only need to attack the ribbon using a safety pin for that beautiful look. You can, however, make the ribbon more secured by sewing it to the dress. The Bow Jolie will make you stand out and also act as a cover for your neck in a way

Make T-straps out of simple sandals

Making T-straps out of simple sandals is simple to do. Just loop your perfect ribbon around the ankle strap and toe strap. Next, tie it into a bow, or you can sew both ends of the ribbon together, which will create a minimalistic look.

 Transform that boxy sweater to something shapely

 This can be done by lacing the ribbon at the back or front of your sweater. Have you ever laced a corset or show before? You must follow the same procedure when lacing the ribbon on the sweater.  Aside from a sweater, you can equally lace the ribbon on a T-shirt.  Before this can be done, you may need to create holes in the t-shirt. Several fabric sacks can equally be used for this purpose. You will look all tied up, but stand out. 

Change the factory-made lace to a ribbon

You can get rid of that lace on your shape and use a ribbon instead.  If you have any dress that comes with a lace, remove the lace and use a ribbon in its place. The ribbon will add cool color to the dress and make it look even more beautiful than ever.  You can use this to transform an erstwhile monochromatic look to a colorful one.  When replacing the lace with a ribbon, make sure that the ribbon has the same length s the lace it is replacing to create a nice look.

Wrap that pair of shoes with ribbons

You can also wrap your shoes with ribbon to make the pair of shoes look even more adorable and perfectly befitting.  Make sure that the color of ribbon used complements that of the shoe to create a sophisticated, rich look. Satin is a great choice, but you can go for grosgrain and velvet ribbons also. you can also wrap the gift in a fabric sacks.  They are better than any shiny material.  You can also mix the colors for a unique effect.

Rolled collar and bow detail

You can cut two slits at the top layer of your collar fabric. The slits are better located about two inches from the front middle of your shirt. You can then thread the ribbon like a drawstring on a hoodie.  It is better if the collar and the ribbon have the same width so that it can be laced better.