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What should a man wear on a first date?

There is nothing more exciting than a first date, but if you ask a man what they would wear during this event, 90% of them would not have an answer. Some would say that you should wear the outfit you feel the most comfortable with, but this does not mean that you should wear your training outfit, because some men feel comfortable when they are dressed with a pair of short pants and a T-shirt. So if you are excited about your first date, but you do not know what to wear in order to impress her, you should do some research or ask your friends. But let’s face it, you are men, you do not ask each other fashion advice. Or do you? In case you do not have that group of friends who are passionate about fashion, you should check the following piece of advice, because it will help you put together a stylish outfit with the items you have in your closet.

What to wear on a date at a local pub

So, you got lucky and you found out a Tinder match. Well, it is a regular Saturday night, and instead of watching TV with your friends you decide to give it a chance and take her out. Good for you! You do not have more than an hour to get dressed, so open the door of your closet and make a quick list of what you have. Pick a decent pair of jeans, no, not the baggy ones, a pair that fits you nicely. sarahsembroidery.co.uk recommends pairing the jeans with a polo shirt. You will definitely impress her with a smart casual look. In case it is cold outside, you should dress a neck knit blouse. Stay with nude shades, because you do not want everyone from the bar to stare at you, because of your outfit.

What to wear on a coffee date

If you are the morning type of person, then you should ask her on a coffee date. In this way you will quickly see if she is a match or not. But going back to the outfits, this time you should get something more comfortable. Get a white T-shirt from your closet, a jacket and a pair of tracksuit pants. Choose a pair of sneakers to match the outfit and you will look great.

What to wear on a pizza date

The majority of pizza dates are between friends, so if she is your friend and you want to take her out of the friend zone then you should put a little effort. Get out of the closet those masculine items, and get rid of the white T-shirt because you do not want pizza sauce on it. A black shirt with a pair of chinos and a knit open blouse are perfect.

What to wear on a date at a dinner you cannot afford

This one is tricky, because you have to look expensive, but without getting broke shopping for new clothes. You still need money to pay for that dinner, so if you do not have one, borrow a suit from one of your friends. Match it with a turtleneck blouse for a pop of style.