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What can you do with last Christmas ribbons?

Throughout their life, people collect all kinds of things, investing in the smallest of items. If some cannot be saved after servicing their purpose, others can be reused in some rather ingenious ways. Ribbons made of satin and organza, which people buy to celebrate important holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving, are the best example in this regard. These are items that can be re-used in a such a simple way that it feels like a real shame to throw them out as soon as the holidays passed. Firstly, they can be tucked away in boxes and taken out when the following year. Still, if you are not planning to re-use them in this manner, fashion will gladly offer them a new meaning.

Marking your waist with ribbons

Somewhere in the closet, you have a dress that is gorgeous, but needs something to mark your waist with. It needs a detail, a stylish belt. Here is a thought you might find interesting. Why not pick out a simple ribbon from those you have purchased for the holidays, attach it to a simple string and then wrap it around your waist? This way, your dress will have that stylish touch you were hopping to find and bows from last Christmas will finally gain a new purpose.


Redecorating old t-shirts

Fashion has a way of coming back, over and over again. Designers are probably feeling nostalgic and they bring back some of their favourite trends. This is really why it is not advisable to throw away fashion statement pieces. If you should have an old t-shirt, buried deep in the dresser, then it is high time you brought it back to life. Here is how. Take a ribbon, whichever colour or pattern you want and think of a spot to place it. It could be on one of the shoulders or right at the bottom of the neck, just like a fashionable tie. There is only one mention that should be made and that refers to size. When applying ribbons on t-shirts, these have to be of a large size. Otherwise, the effect might be lost.


Scarves and bows

There is no simpler way of re-using your bows than by applying them on scarves. This is a method through which you could save quite a few of them with little effort. Pick a scarf, preferably one that comes in a single colour. It is best to avoid silk, because this material has the habit of streaking when something is applied to it. Pick out matching bows and start sewing. Once you are done, you will be the proud owner of a lovely, unique scarf.