Types of Short Pixie Cuts

For a long time, long hair was considered to be a sign of beauty while short hair was only worn due to practical reasons. Most women believe that when it comes to short hair, the styling possibilities are limited. While this is true for some short haircuts, there is one cut which can take on numerous shapes. The chameleon pixie cut has increased its popularity over the last years and numerous celebrities have shown us how versatile the short pixie cuts can be.

  • Spiked Pixie cut

The first celebrity to put the spiked pixie cut on the trendy map was Halle Berry. Unlike other celebrities who change their look on a regular basis, Halle Berry was committed to her pixie cut for quite a long time. In the last couple of years, other celebrities have followed her example and adopted this daring hairstyle. Her short curly haircuts would be popular and trendy even today, because they look fresh and young, and can confer women a different kind of femininity. Among them, Miley Cirus was the boldest one as she cut her long locks in order to let go of her sweetheart image for a more aggressive look. These haircuts are very edgy and they highlight the face shape so they should be avoided by people with prominent face shapes. Furthermore, people with thin hair should also avoid this haircut. However, medium think hair is perfect for these wild spikes. Furthermore, this cut is also very easy to style as all you have to do is spike your hair in a wild way.

  • The boyish pixie cut or The super short pixie

These extremely short pixie cuts can sometimes look very boyish. However, when you have angel features like Emma Watson, this haircut can make you look extremely elegant and stylish. The great thing about this hairstyle is that it is very easy to style. You just add a touch of styling product when your hair is wet and you blow dry your hair forward. This cut is already styled by the hairstylist who uses a razor in order to create a zig-zag texture. The only thing that you need to do is make sure that there are no wild strands.

  • Razor edge pixie cut

This haircut is probably the most feminine of all short pixie cuts. It is cut just like the boyish pixie cut, the only difference being that the hair is longer and it has more volume. The hairstyle features long bangs that blend into the short sides. The top of the head has some shorter layers which add volume. When you blow dry your hair, you should run your fingers through the hair in order to create a messy look. When the hair is dry, you simply add some hair wax at the tips of the hair in order to create a pointed look.