The Ultimate Streamlined Shirt Collection

Shirts are the most elegant and most practical fashion elements for men. They work with casual as well as with elegant outfits. A good shirt can go just as well with jeans as it goes with a nice pair of plaited pants (in case you haven’t heard, plaited trousers are making a serious comeback). If you are a committed shirt man, you are probably familiar with the main types of shirts. If you are a t-shirt type of man and you are looking for a way to classy up your wardrobe, then you will find the following tips to be very useful. Yes, a shirt can go with various outfits but classy men don’t settle for a decent look. If you want to look perfect you need to know how each type of shirt should be worn in order for you to look perfect. Let’s see how the ultimate streamlined shirt collection should look like. As a woman, these tips can inspire you to advise your man on how to wear shirts or to know how to buy the right shirt as a gift. After all, shirts can be good fathers day gifts and they can work as gifts for your partner as well.

Formal Shirts

These are the most important elements of the ultimate streamlined shirt collection. There are two main types of formal shirts: the dress ones and the business ones. The dress shirt is generally white and it is worn at the most sophisticated events. It is a white shirt with a French cuff placket. This type of shirts goes best with a tuxedo and believe us when we tell you that all men must own at least one such shirt. The semi-spread collar business shirts are a lot more versatile as they come in various colors. However, if you want to look as professional as possible, we advise you to stay away from bright colors. You should focus on white, gray and pastels. As nothing completes a business outfit better than a tie, we suggest that you also grab a few ties. The great thing about ties is that they add some intrigue to a business outfit. They can feature the brightest colors and the craziest patterns and still look professional.

Patterned Shirts

The pattern shirts can either be casual or elegant. The most common patterns are stripes, dots, and checkers. As a general rule, the smaller the pattern scale is, the more elegant the shirt is. In order to avoid a fashion mistake, it is better to stay away from pattern combinations. However, if you feel like experimenting with different patterns, you should try so minimize the scale of the patterns towards the center. For example if you have a pattered tile, the pattern of the shirt should have a bigger scale. This also works for shirts and vests or overcoats.

Casual shirts

The ultimate streamlined shirt collection would not be completed without the casual shirts. These are probably the most versatile shirts and they come with very little ground rules. As long as you don’t combine them with elegant pants, you can wear a casual shirt however you feel like. The casual category also includes the denim shirts which are very stylish this season as long as their color doesn’t match the color of your jeans.

Shirt wearing tips

Some of the following rules are probably known by most guys but we are gonna tell them anyway, in case some of you have troubles grasping the fashion concepts. Short sleeves only work with casual outfits. Black shirts should only be worn during the night and perhaps at funerals if the weather is too hot for wearing a vest or a coat. There some casual shirts which feature floral or Hawaiian patterns. These shirts should only be worn on holiday. Even, if they look casual, they are not suited for your everyday look. If you have decided that shirts will make for good fathers day gifts, make sure to also accompany the gifts with some fashion suggestions.