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The secret to having the look you’ve always wanted

When they make their appearance on the red carpet, celebrities always surprise with new coiffures. Their hair is never the same, meaning that they either have a different colour or the length of magically changes in just a couple of days. While there is no real magic involved, celebrities do have a secret: hair extensions Canada. If you too want to be a hottie, then you have to give them a try.

What are hair extensions?

Taking into consideration that there are various material used to create them, you can find either extensions that are made from 100% human or synthetic hair. In addition to this, the market also makes available a combination of human and synthetic. Regarding the texture, length and colour, the market provides you with anything you can or cannot imagine. Although they are mostly used for adding length, adding volume is another typical use.

How they are applied  

The extension is placed by the stylist on the parting of a small section of the lock and they are braided together. To bind the real and fake hair together, stylists also glue them or the extension are woven in. Binding solutions are used to hold them together and the stylist typically uses a heated clamp in order to melt down the solution. Attempting to do so yourself is rather risky, not to mention difficult. Although the process of applying the mesh is not easy, at least it is not painful.

Are they cheap?

Unfortunately for you, the answer is no. Extensions are not at all cheap. The price varies according to the amount of you get and the grade of the hair. It is obvious that in order to receive natural hair you have to pay considerably. Even though the service of the salon you got to may be within your budget, you should know that you will have to show up for regular maintenance. You also have to have enough time on your hands since the application takes a couple of hours.

The perks of extensions

If you are not pleased anymore with your current look, then you have the possibility to experiment different looks without having to make radical changes. The colours and styles of false hair enable you to customize your look and get the celebrity look you’ve been dreaming of. Besides adding length, the extensions add volume as well, meaning that you can transform your dull locks into a fabulous ones.