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The not-so-bright side of the fashion industry

The fashion industry seems great from the outside, but there are many intricacies that are not shown to the large public. Many models struggle with eating disorders, depression, drug and alcohol addiction and the list can go on and on. Models are forced to follow a lifestyle that might not be the best. An unhealthy lifestyle leads to physical and mental health problems that will take a lot of time and effort to cure in the long run.

There are so many cases of fashion models who battled addiction every single day of their lives, no matter if it was about substance abuse or binge eating. Eliana Ramos, Hila Rlmalich and Isabella Caro are just a few of the models who lost their lives because of anorexia nervosa. Here are some other facts about the fashion industry that are not as bright as they seem:

A continuous battle

Models are continuously putting in effort to cope with the requirements of the fashion industry. There is no wonder why they are often tempted to slip into depression or to encounter anxiety each time they need to train for a show. Besides the many other implications that being a fashion model has, maybe the most difficult of them all is dedicating their whole lives to looking good on stage. By making this choice, models are struggling their entire careers to become better and that comes with a series of dramatic consequences and they often end up in drug rehab centers.

The stress behind catwalks

Models are not supposed to talk about what happens behind the catwalks, so that people don’t change their opinion on the fashion industry. In reality, the things that happen behind the curtains are not ideal. Models are under a lot of pressure when they need to go on stage. Most fashion models suffer from sleep deprivation and they are underweight. Before running a catwalk, models spend a lot of time in dark rooms, waiting for their turn. Some fashion designers treat them poorly, leaving them with depression and anxiety.

Emotional manipulation

Many people say that the modeling industry is just a world of emotional manipulation. Models are thought what is wrong and what is right in terms of beauty. Fashion designers tell them how they are supposed to look like. Models lose their unicity and individuality because in some shows the clothes are the main attraction, so the models have to be dull and plain. Emotional manipulation is often used in the case of teenager models who are much more vulnerable.

Moreover, speaking out can end the models’ careers, as designers threaten them. Some former models decided to speak and step away from the terrors of this industry. In holistic drug rehabs, fashion models can get rid of the habits they built during their time in the industry. The unattainable body standards push the models to become substance addicted or to develop disorders that put their life at risk.