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The Most Famous Layered Hairstyles

The best thing about layered hairstyles is that they are incredibly versatile. A creative hairstylist can reinvent an old layered haircut and make it look brand new and original. Over the years, numerous celebrities have experimented with layered cuts and some of their results were popular across the world. Today we are going to present the most famous layered haircuts.

  • The Rachel Bob

There are many reasons why we loved the famous TV series, Friends. It was a complete mix of comedy, friendship and fashion. When the show first appeared, Jennifer Aniston’s character, Rachel was sporting a heavily layered medium length bob which became her signature hairstyle for a few years. That bob was so famous, that women from around the world wanted to wear it. Famous hairstyling saloons were overwhelmed by women of all ages who wanted to sport the Rachel Bob.

  • The pixie crop

The pixie cut is associated with numerous celebrities and it has been worn for a long time now. We don’t really know who was the first celebrity to wear this haircut but we think it’s safe to say that Audrey Hepburn’s pixie in Roman Holiday was the pioneer of the pixie crop obsession. Other popular celebrities who are associated with this hairstyle are Winona Ryder, Halle Berry and Rihanna. You can find many more examples of celebrities who sported this crop on a celebrity fashion blog, and perhaps they will inspire you to adopt it yourself.

  • The Choppy Shag

This hairstyle is one of the best tools for looking 10 yeas longer. It is a messy, angled hairstyle which creates a fresh and young look. It was quite popular during the 90s and Meg Ryan’s choppy shag was one of the most famous layered hairstyles. Choppy layered haircuts were also worn by Cameron Diaz, Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda and Jessica Alba. Don’t hesitate to find a celebrity fashion blog and look for inspiration for your own changes of look; you may be surprised how well you look with shorter hair, and this is a bold decision many beautiful celebrities have taken lately. Short choppy hairstyles will always be in trend, because they’re an ideal solution for women with thin, fine hair, and a great makeover for older women. If you want to introduce some of the style of short emo haircuts into your hairstyle, you can go for something like the choppy shag, just make sure it is suitable for the shape of your face first.

  • The graduated bob

The bob is one of the most versatile layered hairstyles and it is constantly making a comeback. The graduated bob is one of the most stylish short hairstyles and it has been worn in numerous occasions by various celebrities. Victoria Beckham and Rhianna are big fans of this hairstyle.

  • The curly layers

The greatest thing about layers is that they add volume and dimension to a hairstyle. They work great with all types of hair but if you really want a voluminous hairstyle, you could try combining the layers with crazy curls. The most famous curly layers belong to Carrie Bradshaw, the main character of the popular Sex and the City series. If you are looking for a more relaxed long layered hairstyle, you can try the wavy curls of Sophia Vergara. This is a great option if you’re into cute prom hairstyles for medium hair; it doesn’t matter whether your hair is very long or medium, the curly layers look well on many types of haircuts, even medium bobs.

These are but a few of the many layered hairstyles that you can try. After all, no hairstyle is more versatile than a layered one as layers add texture and depth. If you want to discover more cute layered hairstyles, visit checkmyhaircuts.com. There, you will also find the latest trends in terms of haircuts.