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The explanation behind the popularity of the jersey among fans

The jersey is definitely the universal symbol of the connection that is established in time between a basketball player and a fan. Many sports fans have a true collection of jersey hidden in their closet and just can’t wait till the day of the game to put them on and cheer for their favourite team. The jersey that represents either a particular player and that stands for the entire team can be purchased in special stores such as a NBA Shop UK. Since high school, when many wore their jerseys every day to class, wearing this simple piece of clothing has had a sort of magic spell on both players and supporters. So, why is it that many people are hung up on jerseys?

A short history of the jersey

The origin of the jersey is related to the island of Jersey, once part of the UK colonies. In the past, the inhabitants used to knit warm wool sweaters that in the end became a sort of common wear. The item of clothing had become so popular that in the United States sweater became almost synonym with jersey. With the gradual development of American football it was obvious that players needed durable uniforms in order to play the rough and demanding game. In time, the jerseys were adapted so as to fit the needs of the players and came to bear an athletic shape. In addition to this, it is worth mentioning the fact that the jersey made its way into other sports such as baseball, golf. Even bikers were taken by the trend. At present, basketball players enjoy the comfort of sleeveless items made from flannel.

The intimate connection

Firstly, when a fan wears the jersey of a team, he openly declares to the world his support for the team, but he also makes a statement about his tastes. Going to the arena and cheering for the favourite team gives anyone a sense of belonging. There is no age limit to who can wear jerseys. Practically, the person who wears the jersey identifies himself with the team. Being part of a sports community means being accepted. This psychological explanation makes it clearer to understand why the sales in sports equipment rise from year to year and why so many people spend lots of money on them, although they are not exactly cheap.

Jerseys all the time

By wearing the player’s number on your back you feel more close to him and some even go so far as to become obsessed with them. Supporters gather themselves into real communities, due to the fact that they all share the same passion: the love for basketball. Not only men are passionate about basketball, but women also love wearing jerseys when going to see a match.  This is the ideal way to start a conversation about sports in general. While it may be difficult to believe, it is true that many supporters actually live the game, meaning that they taste both victory and defeat in the same way the players do. That is the reason for which many tend to overreact when the team has lost. There have even been cases when fans have come to work wearing their jerseys.

In conclusion, this obsessive trend in the fan world will last many years to come, so long as teams will continue to make their fans happy. The essential thing to bear in mind is the fact that wearing the team’s equipment is a statement of loyalty from the part of the fan and that sports cannot progress without a dedicated audience.