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Tattoos – a different kind of art

Art can take many forms and it helps you express your personality while challenging your creativity. In ancient times, different cultures used tattoos to depict their own beliefs and the position held by each member in the community, also differentiating themselves from strangers. During this process, they had to bear the terrible pain caused by the old sharp tools. In time, the purpose of getting a tattoo changed and the equipment used changed significantly. Now you can choose from a diversity of styles, motives and colors depending on your tastes. Tattoos galleries are the best option for when you are in doubt, you need inspiration or you want to find the most skilled tattoo artists to reproduce exactly your much-wanted design. You can also see pictures included in various categories of their previous works in order to form an opinion about each style.

Express your individuality

Being one of the oldest artistic forms, tattooing was considered a way to accentuate a woman’s beauty and to render a man’s strength and bravery. Today, it is considered a way to express your personality and to stand out from the masses. People who decide to get a tattoo use their skin as a canvas in order to depict pieces of their life, powerful experiences, stories, and passions that will make them feel complete. However, not always the reason behind this decision is a happy one, that is why tears in tattoo parlors are not something uncommon. Some people view their tattoo as a tribute for someone they lost or as a way to cover certain marks caused by negative and painful moments that happened at some point in their life.

Conversation starter

Tattoos definitely represent a topic of conversation among people who usually are curious to know the origin, the meaning and the story behind the tattoo. Some of them could relate to your story allowing you to share similar beliefs, feelings and emotions. On the other hand, maybe you have not experienced a memorable moment by this point in your life and you just want to be the bearer of an interesting piece of art made by an artist you strongly admire. Take all the needed time and communicate with him regarding the design, size, colours and the area on your body chosen for the tattoo. Check the tattoo galleries containing pictures of tattooed models to get an idea of how the final result will look like and to find out what suits you best.

Types of tattoos

There is a wide range of tattoos suitable for every person’s tastes: realistic, abstract, traditional, oriental, illustrative, new and old school, among others. For each one of these styles the artist uses a different technique. Traditional tattoos are various depending on the culture of every country, realistic tattoos involve colours and shades to make the image as lively as possible, while illustrative tattoos represent a combination of traditionalism and realism. As you can tell from the name, blackwork tattoos only include designs or patterns rendered in black while new school tattoos are characterized by very animated and colourful images.