Suzanne Belperron’s Cocktail Ring

The Belperron name is very well known around the true connoisseurs of jewelry. The work of Suzanne Belparron is spread all over the world, although there are a lot of pieces which have been displayed in various collections. However, every now and then, a new piece is discovered. The discovery of a new Belperron piece usually causes quite a hustle among the jewelry connoisseurs. This year in may, Christie’s sold a 1945 ring which is currently on display at Hancocks. Suzanne Belperron’s cocktail ring is the pure definition of decadence. This particular piece is so popular that even Vogue dedicated a segment of their October 2013 Paris luxury edition to it.

Suzanne Belperron was born in 1900 in Saint-Claude, France. She started her career by working for Boivin and Herz jewelry houses. Eventually, she took over Hertz and became one of the most influential jewelry designers of the 20th century. She retired in 1974, leaving behind a legacy of style and sophistication. Despite the fact that her work was very popular, few of her pieces were recognized due to the fact that none were signed. At one point during her career, she was asked why she never signed her pieces. Her response was simple and confident stating that she wished to be recognized only by her style. Suzanne Belperron’s cocktail ring is characterized by opulence and decadence. The polka dot inspiration is present in many of her pieces but it is particularly mesmerizing in this particular ring. This rare piece is dotted with diamonds and studded with sapphire cabochons. The platinum ring also features an emerald cut central stone. One could say that these vintage jewelry designs are out of the ordinary, and this is part of what makes them so special; this is truly statement jewelry, that also requires the appropriate attitude from those who want to wear it. And although Belperron didn’t stick to fixed designs, she did manage to create vintage jewelry designs that we can still appreciate today with the same freshness and awe.

The beauty of Suzanne Belperron’s style is the fact that it does not fit any fashion patterns. All of her pieces are unique and defy all normal jewelry styles. She was among the first visionary jewelers who stepped away from the classical jewelry concepts. Her models are playful, bold and anti ornamental. Her sculptural shape concepts were way ahead of her time. One could even say that she anticipated modern design. Nothing about the Suzanne Belperron’s cocktail ring looks vintage, despite being 68 years old. On the contrary. this particular ring is as modern as it gets. The opulent dimensions and playful gem positions are similar to many jewelry trends of the present. Given the fact that she refused to succumb to the trends of her time, we can all agree on the fact that everything that this amazing lady did, was the product of her passion and creativity. The 1945 Suzanne Belperron’s Cocktail Ring is one of the most exquisite jewelry pieces.