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Smokey Eyes Instructions

There are many types of makeups and they are all focused on a main idea. That idea can be highlighting a face feature like the eyes or the lips or hiding a certain feature like a bigger nose. Makeups are also created according to certain occasions or in order to match certain outfits. The smokey eyes effect is one of the most popular types of makeup. It can be worn during the day or during the evening, depending on the intensity of the smokey effect as well as on the colors which are used. There are many ways in which you can do a smokey effect and it often depends on the type of the eyes. For example, women who have a low upper eyelid or who have the eyes hidden in the socket should not focus on shadow effects as these won’t be visible. Check out these simple tutorials for glamorous smokey makeups.

  • Easy smokey eyes makeup for all kinds of eyes

The skin foundation is a controversial topic as all women have a different way of applying it. However, in order to do a good smokey eye effect, you need to apply some foundation around the eyes. There are some foundations which are specifically designed for the area around the eyes. Apply a foundation which matches the color of your skin and over it apply an eyeshadow which is two tones darker. Next, you need to use an eyeshadow brush in order to apply a thick, dark line at the base of the upper eyelashes. Use a smooth brush in order to blend the dark eyeshadow gently towards the upper part of the eyelid. Repeat this movement until you obtain the desired smokey eye effect. On the lower eyelid, apply the same dark eyeshadow and use a brush to smudge it a little. You can also use an intense dark crayon in order to make your eye contour more dramatic.

  • Shadow smokey eyes

Smokey eyes with a shadow effect are a little more complicated but if you follow a step-by-step tutorial, you can obtain a great shadow effect. We start by applying the foundation and then the brown eyeshadow. Now the dark eyeshadow of the upper eyelid starts from the inner corner of the eye. Towards the outer corner of the eye, you make the contour a little higher and then you make a V and continue the contour on the upper side of the eve, following the line which is created under the arcade. After you do this, you need to blend the dark contour in the overall eye makeup. You can combine the smokey effect with darker colors such as green purple, brown and so on. The most important tool for a smokey effect is the brush which needs to be dense, short and smooth. The purpose of the brush is to smudge the eye-shadow in order to create the smokey effect.

  • Extra tips

In order to achieve a spectacular smokey makeup, you will need a set of long and thick eyelashes. You can do this by applying a lot of mascara. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the intense smokey makeup combined with the heavy duty mascara will damage your lashes in the long run. If you apply the smokey eye makeup regularly, you might want to check out the best eyelash growth serum product so that you can counter-balance the damage inflicted by the makeup. If you can’t afford the actual best eyelash growth serum product, you should know that there are plenty of cheaper products on the market and if all else fails, you can always make your own serum. After using such a natural remedy for a while, don’t be surprised if you won’t even need to use as much mascara as you used to for your smokey eye makeup.