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Ribbons in fashion – girly or classy?

Fashion trends change with the speed of light, there is no doubt about that. People, and especially women, who want to always be in style and always be up to date with the latest trends in fashion have to constantly read the magazines, the blogs, the designers’ insights about what’s hot and what’s not this month or the next. However, there are certain things in fashion that never seem to go out of style, such as the little black dress or the black and white combination. Similarly, there are other things that come back in fashion, as re-invented concepts and ribbons are the best example of that. There was a time when ribbons in fashion were just an accessory for little girls, who used to have pony tails, wrapped tightly with ribbons, but these small pieces of fabrics have definitely made some courageous come backs since then.

The first major come back for ribbons in fashion was represented by their use in wedding dresses. A few years ago, designers began adding colour to wedding dresses, thinking that it was time for the old, plain white gown to have some competition. The contrasting ribbons on the white dress worked like a charm and millions of women adopted the style, the ribbon becoming an icon for the wedding dress and there was nothing girly about that. In fact, ribbon wedding dresses became exceptionally classy, as the satin, silk or lace ribbons gave a touch of refinement to the dress. But wedding gowns were not and are not the only clothing items that ribbons can be used for, as these also go perfectly with casual outfits, such as blouses, shirts and even jeans, not to mention the fact that women can actually buy them, from online platforms like colour-ribbons.co.uk, and add them on their clothes themselves. Combining affordability with style and fashion may be a new concept for many women, but it is a reality and many were happy to finally be able to be trendy without spending a lot of money on clothes.

Ribbons are also used in fashion for a variety of accessories, such as bags and purses, sandals and flip-flops, jewellery and much more. Depending on the type of ribbons that one chooses, their colour, fabric or pattern, as well as on the type of accessory or clothing item that they use it for, ribbons can at some extent be girly, but they can also be much lady-like. Designers use them, women use them and wear them and even though they get reinvented from time to time, ribbons are a fashion concept that it’s not going away for the foreseeable future at least. It is important though, as already said, to make sure that women use high quality ribbons or buy high quality ones, in order for them to look classy and fashionable, rather than just spiffed up.