Ralph Lauren Spring-Summer 2014

The New York Fashion Week was the most interesting event in September. Numerous designers presented their collections featuring the hottest trends of next spring. One of the most interesting collections was the one belonging to the NY fashion giant, Ralph Lauren. The inspiration for the Ralph Lauren Spring-Summer 2014 collection was the preppy 60s look. This presentation started with serious office outfits featuring many London style motives. There was a gradual display of color as the presentation started with black and white, continued with pastels and ended with bright neon colors. Lets take a look at the most memorable aspects of this collection.

  • The preppy look

The preppy look contained a lot of interesting elements that we can’t wait to implement in our wardrobes. The black knee high socks inspired by the school girl look were easily integrated in serious office outfits. The most interesting elements were the skirt suit with the short jacket and the mock polo-neck, the striped blazers and the square-toed pumps. The preppy outfits were completed by either cardigans or short jackets.

  • Colors

As we mentioned above, the color display was gradual and it included black and white, pastels and bright colors. There were some very nice combinations of pastels and black and white tones. As far as the bright colors go, most of the outfits were monochromatic and very eye-catching. The most interesting appearances of the last part of the presentation were a lime green shift dress and a cobalt blue strapless dress. Overall, the predominant bright colors were orange, emerald, green, yellow, red, purple and cobalt blue.

  • Accessories

The most popular purses of the Ralph Lauren Spring-Summer 2014 collection were the simple monochromatic ones. There were a few black and white models, but the rest of them had only one color which matched the predominant color of the outfit. Pump shoes were also very popular and so were strapless sandals. As far as the heels went, it would seem that the thick models are definitely making a comeback. However, unlike the rest of the designers, Ralph Lauren got tired of super high heels and instead he went for the medium heels. Only a few jewelry items were spotted on some outfits and they consisted of over-sized statement necklaces, bracelets and rings. We also spotted a few discreet metallic accents on a couple of models.

  • Beauty trends

The beauty trends of the Ralph Lauren Spring-Summer 2014 consisted of natural styles. The hairstyles were simple, the pony tail being the most popular one. The makeups were mostly nude with a slight highlight on the eye makeup.