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Postpartum Hair Loss

When it comes to beauty, you will be surprised to see that certain problems affect even the most glamorous of celebrities. No matter how much money and stylists a person has, there are certain problems which cannot be avoided. However, celebrities prefer to hide their flaws as much as possible and they never talk about them. Still, this is not the case of all celebrities. For example, Selma Blair has been very opened about her hair loss problems in 2011 after she gave birth. Postpartum hair loss is a common condition which affects most of the young mums.

  • The cause

Postpartum hair loss is a condition which affects almost 50% of pregnant women. The hair start falling about three months after the baby has been born. A lot of women believe that this phenomena is caused by breast feeding but the reality is a little different. Normal hair usually goes through two phases: growing and shedding. The growing phase lasts 2 or 3 months after which the hair start falling more aggressively. This is a normal cycle for the hair and it should not frighten you. However, this normal cycle is disturbed during pregnancy. The hormones which are produced during pregnancy have a lot of great benefits. One of those benefits is reflected through thicker and healthier hair. In other words, during pregnancy, the hair skips the shedding period. The hormones, return to their normal levels once the baby is born and so the shedding period begins. This period will be more aggressive than the normal shedding periods because you will start loosing most of the hair that should have shed during pregnancy. Overall, you are not losing more hair than usually; the hair loss period is just imbalanced.

  • Can you prevent it

There is no actual cure for postpartum hair loss. It is a way in which the hair returns to its natural cycle. All you can do is to try to help the hair through this transition period without putting too much pressure on it. Take your pregnancy vitamins, use a gentle shampoo and avoid tight hairstyles and heavy hair products. It can take up to twelve months for the hair to return to its normal cycle. During this time, some women experience very severe hair loss which can even result in bold spots. You can talk things over with your physicians in order to rule out other possible hair loss causes. One great idea would be to consult a nutritionist so that he can help you implement some hair friendly food in your diet. A healthy diet can stimulate the hair grow so that the postpartum period can be less challenging.