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Plastic Surgeries Done Right: Vanna White Plastic Surgery Before and After

Plastic surgeries are becoming more popular each day. In fact, at this point, it is safe to assume that we are dealing with a plastic surgery trend. Most of the women who work in the entertainment business end up going under the knife. This decision is understandable since these women are under a lot of pressure to look good. This does not mean that ordinary women don’t get plastic surgeries. After all, cosmetic surgeons would not be able to make a decent living if they only worked on celebrities. Unfortunately, cosmetic surgeries come with many risks. After years of watching celebrity news, we have seen our share of bad surgeries and we can’t help but wonder whether or not they are worth the risk. However, today, we are gonna analyze a fortunate plastic surgery case. We will take a look at some Vanna White plastic surgery before and after photos.

Famous for her role as a hostess in various TV shows, Vanna White has always been in the spotlight. She was always considered to be very attractive, but like all humans, she was not spared of the passage of time. Though her appearance has always reflected a healthy lifestyle, Vanna had slowly but steadily started showing aging signs. Don’t get us wrong: we personally loved the way she looked, even with wrinkles. However, in today’s Photoshop controlled society, it is hard for any woman to trust in her natural beauty, and celebrities are even more vulnerable to self esteem meltdowns, since they are always in the spotlight. So, like all women, Vanna made a visit to a plastic surgeon. We can only imagine that she chose one of the best surgeons as the end result was flawless. If you take a look at the Vanna White plastic surgery before and after pictures featured above, you will see that most of Vanna’s wrinkles magically disappeared over night. Though she never actually admitted to having went under the knife, it is very obvious that Vanna had at least one face-lift procedure done as well as several Botox injections.

In the Vanna White plastic surgery before and after pictures, we can admire a subtle transformation. Unlike other celebrities, Vanna’s face does not look overly stretched and she does not have that fake smile characteristic to post surgery appearances. In fact, she looks great. However, this is the moment when most celebrities should stop getting surgeries done. If you are over 50 years old, you will never look better than this. You can’t cheat time forever. Kudos to Vanna for shaving a few years of her face, but we strongly advise her to age with grace from now on, as we would not want to see her end up like Donatella Versace or Joan Van Ark.