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One urban outfit – three occasions when you can wear it

For many men, the idea of having to change the outfit they find most comfortable is not a very enjoyable one, especially if they like the urban style and mainly prefer to wear something that looks nice and feels comfortable at the same time. However, when choosing to wear Undefeated Clothing and other similar brands, there are a few ways in which you can make an outfit work for several occasions. For instance, a classic pair of jeans and a T-shirt with a minimalistic print on it can be worn in the following occasions:

A night out with your friends

Whether you enjoy going to a local bar or you want to enjoy a beer with your homies, this is the type of outfit that will make you look great and feel comfortable at the same time. The important thing is to choose clothing items from qualitative brands and Undefeated is known for the fact that they offer fashionable and high quality clothes. Your friends will appreciate your style and you will have the confidence that you are wearing something suitable for that occasion.


A walk in the park

If you want to spend some time in the park, to relax take long walks with your loved one and breathe in some fresh air, this is an outfit that is also suitable for this type of activity. While you may not be able to play sports in it, if you were only interested in a long walk in the park, you can rest assured that it will be a great choice. You can even stop by an ice cream vendor and enjoy a delicious ice cream while you spend time in the park or any other of the tasty snacks that are usually found there. In addition, the jeans will protect you from mosquito bites and in case you decide to visit the park in the evening, you won’t have any problems in case the temperature gets slightly lower and you will be able to enjoy the chilly evening that much more.


A casual date

The jeans and T-shirt combination is great when you have a date too, especially if you are not planning to take her to a formal restaurant. This is an excellent choice for the classic dinner and a movie date. You will feel comfortable, look amazing and have a successful date in the company of the woman you like.  Will feel like yourself because you won’t be bothered by anything and you will be able to impress your date with your best lines and your charming personality.


All in all, these are just three occasions where this urban outfit can be successfully worn. You can always combine several T-shirts in order to obtain even more outfits and you will always look amazing. The urban style has gain in popularity over the years because of its comfort and the fact that many men like the way they look when choosing to wear this style of clothes.