Men’s Fashion Trend: Printed Bomber Jackets

Whether or not you paid attention to the New York fashion week, there is one predominant trend that you just can’t ignore: the bomber jacket. This casual and comfortable piece of clothing has always been present in retail stores yet it never received too much attention from the high couture designers. However, it seems that this season all the designer agreed to make the bomber jacket a must have item for all men during the fall winter season. However, you should know that not all bombers are equally stylish and if you really want to dress to impress you have to focus on printed bomber jackets.

  • How to wear it

When you are buying a bomber jacket, you have to make sure that it really fits, otherwise it will look silly. You should make sure that the coat has a slim silhouette and that the sleeves don’t hang past your upper wrist. Aside from pretentious suit pants you can wear this jacket with basically anything such as jeans, colored trousers and even some casual pleated trousers. Underneath it you can wear t-shirts, shirts, sweaters and pullovers. The bomber jacket looks best when it is worn over slim top pieces, but it is still a classical and timeless piece in mens fashion wear, so complete your wardrobe with one if you haven’t so far.

  • Prints

Printed bomber jackets are very versatile. The most popular prints in the latest mens style trends are camouflage, checkers, geometric prints, flower prints, stripes and polka dots. If you want a more sophisticated jacket, we have seen some stunning prints on the autumn-winter runaways such as Aztec prints, mural images, kaleidoscopic designs, animal prints, baroque prints but also a lot of the vibrant prints of the past summer.The most popular colors are red, gold, magenta, green, yellow, mustard, blue, gray and burgundy. The great thing about the versatile prints is that you can effortlessly create an outfit that stands out in a crowd.

  • Fabrics

Printed bomber jackets are made from a wide variety of fabrics and there are countless models for each weather. The most popular fabrics in the latest mens style trends are wool, leather, tartan, suede and silk. If you’re planning on buying such a jacket we suggest that you buy a high quality one. According to multiple high-fashion publications, bomber jackets are here to stay and they will also be a big hit in the spring-summer season. So, consider the bomber jacket to be a long term investment as it will be a long time before this item falls out of style. Furthermore, we guarantee that this jacket will be your go-to element whenever you want to have a cool and relaxed look.