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Men’s AW 13 Fashion Trend: Pleated Trousers

There are certain fashion trends which were very popular at one point in history but once their time passed, they were considered completely useless and style-less. Certain designers often adventure themselves and try to reinvent such trends but they rarely succeed. This is due to the fact that people have a hard time changing their fashion mentality. Such is the case of the pleated trousers which haven’t been able to make a comeback since the 80s. While these pants have always been around in retail shops, few people dared to wear them as they have gained a definitive not-trendy label. However, if you are a person with a real fashion sense, you might want to consider giving the pleated pants another chance. A quick look on a mens fashion blogwill tell you that these pants are making a powerful comeback. Therefore, if you want to sport a classic yet innovative look, you might want to try out a pair of pleated trousers.

  • Disadvantages of pleated pants

Pleated trousers are associated with a tacky look. Most people believe that the main problem with such pants is that they only look good on skinny people because they add volume in weird body parts. However, the main problem is that when people think about pleated pants, they associate them with the puffy double pleated pants. However, when we last browsed through a popular mens fashion blog, we discovered some reinvented models that are extremely trendy. The newer models are a lot more versatile. They have a less puffy cut and some only feature one pleat on each side. Some people think that these pants are too complicated and only the overly trendy men dare to wear them. Still, with the right outfit, these trousers can look casual and unsophisticated.

  • Advantages of pleated pants

The main advantage of pleated pants is that they add a touch of sophistication to a boring outfit. They create an elegant look without looking overdressed. Furthermore, designer pleated pants have very precise cuts which flatter the body. There are several models of pleated pants. They come with one pleat or more and they can be puffy or skinny.

  • Men’s AW13: the revival of the pleats

Although most people cannot recognize the beauty of the pleats, it would seem that designers have a different opinion and they have all joined in a common effort in order to revive this trend. The autumn/winter 2013 collections are full of glorious pleats which will render the plat front pants obsolete. After all, a stylish man needs a little diversity in his wardrobe and the flat front pants are just too common. You don’t have to be an overly trendy man in order to wear pleated trousers. You just have to be confident and wear them with style. They are great for office looks but they can also be combined in casual outfits. As long as you will stay away from the overly puffy versions of these trousers, you will be just fine.