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Men fashion trends promoted by celebrities

Who said that fashion is all about women? Famous brands promote new trends every year, when it comes to what men should wear and how their look should be. There are trends regarding the hair colour and style, clothes and shoes, and every one of them would help you as a man achieve a great look, and would help you make a statement in the fashion industry. In present days, many people are making a living from having a blog, and if you are a man and you want to inspire other people to dress stylish, you should follow the example of celebrities, on how they changed their looks and wardrobe. For example, Andre Birleanu has dyed his hair blonde, for meeting the trends, and looking great for his catalogue shoots. Here are examples of trends promoted by men, and they could serve you as inspiration.

Blonde hair for men

The majority of men do not have platinum hair, but in the last years, the great fashion brands of the world had promoted this trend, and the ones who wanted to keep up with the fashion tendencies have quickly changed their look. Andre Birleanu is one of the celebrities who has totally rocked this look. And we can say that he even looks better with platinum hair than with his natural dark brown locks. Also, Chris Brown is one of the celebrities who have opted for this style, and he is looking hot. So, if you want to inspire your readers, go to the beauty salon, and talk with your stylist on changing your hair colour.

Streetwear clothes

In case you do not have too many notions about what this fashion trend implies, you should know that it is all about layers. You would have to design your looks in such a way to include multiple layers of clothes, and make it visible for the others, that you are not wearing a simple outfit, formed from a pair of jeans and a shirt. You would have to add a shirt above your T-shirt and even a jacket, as Andre Birleanu does in many of this day-to-day looks. If you are looking for something more complex, you can inspire from Pharell, who has understood how to mix not only different layers but also colours. Zayn and Kanye West are promoters of this trend, so take a look at them and you would find your inspiration.