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Long Bob Hairstyles

If you want to make a dramatic change to your appearance but you are not ready to commit to a short haircut, we suggest that you try one of the many long bob hairstyles. The bob has always been one of the most popular and the most stylish hairstyles and it has made regular comebacks every few years. The great thing about bobs is that they are easy to maintain and they are suited for most hair types and face shapes.

The beach bob

This is a medium length haircut. The hair is cut just above the shoulders and it is layered so that the hair curls in wavy beach curls. In order to add a touch of glamor to this hairstyle, you could try an ombre hair color which is very popular at the moment. We particularly like the beach bob sported by Jennifer Lawrence. This hairstyle works with various hair colors but it looks best with natural shades. If you are looking for the perfect hair color which would complement this bob, we invite you to visit YourHairExperts.Com. This website is a great source of information as it features numerous hair coloring tips as well as hair care tips.

The asymmetrical bob

The asymmetrical haircut works very well with a short bob but it can also look very good in medium to long bobs. It is also one of the best short prom hairstyles for black girls because it is easy to style and take care of. Furthermore, if you choose the long asymmetrical bob, you have more styling possibilities. You can wear your hair straight in order to highlight the asymmetry or you can use a large hairbrush in order to add volume and a few large curls to the hairstyle. So if you’re interested to know what the best new haircuts are, the asymmetrical bob is one of them, and it can be adapted to suit all types of hair and features.

The curly bob

Boy hairstyles work very well for people who have round or oval face shapes. However, if you have a rectangular face or a long face, the bob will highlight your hard features. In order to soften your features and make your face look rounder, you could try a curly bob. Moreover, curly prom hairstyles for black girls are a perfect choice, as the hair is naturally curly. If you have naturally curly hair and a good hairstylist, you can layer your hair according to the shape of your curls so that you won’t have to spend a lot of time styling it. As long as the hair is properly layered, the curls will form naturally when you blow dry your hair.

The rich fringe

One of the most popular long bob hairstyles is the bob which is cut between the ears and the neckline and features rich bangs. This Cleopatra look has been sported by numerous celebrities. This bob is best sported with super straight hair so it should be avoided by women who have curly hair. Even if your hair is naturally straight, you should still invest in a good flat iron in order to achieve that super straight and glossy effect. Aside from having straight hair, the rich fringe bob also requires very soft facial features due to the fact that the rich and straight fringe hardens the face features.

The A-line bob

The A-line bob is one of the many long bob hairstyles worn by Victoria Beckham. It is a great choice for business women as this classy bob is the perfect hairstyle for an office outfit. Furthermore, this bob is also very easy to style. All you have to do is straighten the hair. If you want, you can also use a large hair brush in order to add some volume at the crown of the head.