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Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes

When it comes to the bridal look, all women know that the dress is the most important element. The wedding is a perfect excuse for the modern day Cinderella to dress up like an actual princess. But what would Cinderella be like without her crystal slippers? The shoes are the second most important element of the wedding look. In order to find the best shoes we advise you to use your credit card instead of a magic baguette and visit the modern godmother’s shoe shop: the official Jimmy Choo website. We guarantee that your heart will be instantly conquered by the collection of Jimmy Choo wedding shoes. The official website contains a bridal boutique which features shoes for both the bride and the bridesmaids.

  • Colors

Most wedding shoes are either gold, beige, white or silver. These shades are the best ones for complementing the color of the wedding dress, whether it is white, ivory or champagne. If you want a more daring color, you can visit the bridesmaid’s shop which contains a wider variety of shoe colors. According to the spring fashion 2015 trends, choosing cherry red or blue wedding shoes is very chic at the moment.

  • Glitter all around

When it comes to wedding shoes, glitter is a must. The glittery effect can come from the shoe fabric, from crystals or other semiprecious stones or actual glitter applied on the shoes. For a complete dazzling effect, chose a shoe which features a metallic heel.

  • Models

The shoe model depends on the model of your dress but also on the whether. The Jimmy Choo wedding shoes come in a wide variety of models such as peep toes, platforms, strappy sandals, Marry Janes and so on. If you are shorter and you plan on wearing very high heels, we strongly advise you to choose a platform model. The wedding day can be very exhausting and if you want to enjoy it properly you need to have reasonably comfortable shoes.

  • Purses

The great advantage of buying Jimmy Choo wedding shoes from the original website is that each shoe model also comes with a purse recommendation. Needless to say that the only purse model which is suitable for a bride is a clutch. The Jimmy Choo clutches from the spring fashion 2015 collection do a great job in complementing the glittery shoes and they also work well with most of the bridal accessories.

  • Prices

The Jimmy Choo wedding shoes collection has very affordable prices. You can get a pair of great shoes for $400 while the more expensive models cost about $600. This may seem like a big investment for most women but keep in mind that this will probably the most special shoes which you will ever wear.