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Jewelry Trends 2014

Jewelry has always been an important element in a woman’s appearance. From ancient times, women have been fascinated with precious stones and metals. Although jewelry is rarely outdated, each season comes with new trends and it tries to revive or reinvent old trends. The fact that the new collections have just appeared, doesn’t mean that you can no longer wear vintage pieces. However, you can never have too much jewelry so it is important to check out the new trends so that you can make some new additions to your jewelry box.

  • Fall/Winter 2013/2014

The fall winter collections invites us to be a little more courageous and wear statement jewelry. The pieces which are worn in the cold season are always a lot bigger than the pieces which we wear in the warmer seasons. This is due to the fact that during the fall and the winter, our clothes cover a lot more skin therefore the jewelry must be bigger in order to stand out. According to the latest fashion week, the preferred jewelry for this fall/winter season is not only big but also extravagant. The latest jewelry trends feature chandelier earrings, multiple necklaces worn in the same time as well as multiple bracelets. Another popular trend are the religious, royalty jewelry items. The items are very big, golden and embellished with numerous precious and semi precious stones.

  • Colors

As far as the colors go, the preferred tones of this season are: emerald, mykanos blue, linden green, akai purple, samba, koi orange, deep lichen green, vivacious pink, turbulence gray and carafe brown. These colors are great for complementing the colors of the fall clothes trends. After all, when you are accessorizing an outfit, you will try to use gem colors which complement the clothes that you are wearing.

  • Inspirations and motives

Although designers all have different ways of recreating the things that inspire them, the 2013 jewelry collections all seem to be inspired by two major elements: royalty and nature. We already mentioned what defines royalty inspired jewelry but lets see how nature has inspired the designers for the fall collections. The most popular natural elements which can be found in this seasons’ jewelry collections are birds, reptiles and insects. The cutest jewelry pieces are the ones which feature ladybugs, butterflies and bees. The tribal inspiration is also present in a lot of jewelry pieces despite the fact that it has been around for a couple of seasons now.