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Innovative use of ribbons

The most common use of ribbon is, definitely, packing gifts. Everybody uses this material to obtain an amazing finish for their presents, and even if other trends, such as using sash, stars or simple paper, have appeared, ribbon is still the perfect adornment. Other common uses are represented by Christmas decorations or just house interior details, and printed birthday ribbons are also very common among those who often organize parties. As far as fashion is concerned, there are multiple manners in which you can use ribbon as an accessory, and the material is extremely popular ever since it appeared, although its peak was reached during the Victorian times, when everything, from hats to lingerie, was accessorized with ribbon. The romantic fabric has managed to maintain part of its popularity, and is nowadays very often used for wedding decorations, especially those who take place in the summer, in an open space, and also as accessory for bohemian bridal attire. The bride has to pay a lot of attention to what she chooses to wear during the big event, but if you are an eccentric person and you are not a fan of big jewelleries, this material could be the perfect choice.

There are so many ways in which you can complete your attire with ribbon, but make sure it matches the style of the event and the rest of your outfit. For a summer wedding, light adornments are perfect, because the high temperatures can make it difficult for you to wear a statement necklace, or a huge veil. In addition to this, it is recommended to raise your hair as much as possible, and choose a light and airy dress (corsets can be very difficult to wear, due to their multiple layers and tightness). A simple hairstyle allows you to use many adornments and accessories, but a simple string will bring an elegant and relaxed air to the coiffure you eventually choose. A simple Greek dress will look amazing with a hairstyle belonging to the same area, so you can try a braided updo, without using too many hair products, since these will make the hair look heavy and unnatural. Tie a narrow shinny ribbon over – this will not only replace the traditional tiara, but will also prevent hair from sticking to your face and ruin your make-up, which may already have to suffer because of the heat. If you are courageous and prefer to let your hair loose, choose relaxed waves (inspired from the season) and you can also wear a head band, from the same reasons mentioned above.


Furthermore, a messy French braid or a fishtail could be the perfect option if you have a strapless or one shoulder neckline, to compensate the bare shoulders. Braid also ribbon together with the hair, for a delicate yet elegant finish of your outfit. No matter what you decide in the end, make sure your choices reflect your personality and you feel perfect in your skin, because your wedding is the most important event in your life.