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How to Use an Electric Shaver

The biggest advantage that you can get by using an electric razor is that you can get rid of all the unwanted hairs very quickly, especially since you don’t need any gel, shaving cream nor water to achieve your mission. The technology advances so fast, that nowadays everyone has the possibility to choose between many interesting products for grooming. Most men seem to appreciate the devices that come with a dry/wet option, but there are persons who don’t know how to use an electric shaver. So, we are going to teach you everything we can about how to use and maintain these type of devices.

Having a polished look implies more than wearing trendy clothes and fashionable accessories. Furthermore, you must also make sure that you reflect a neat and clean look by grooming your facial hair properly. If you want to follow the latest trends, you can style your beard in a fashionable way by using the beard trimmer that most of the shavers come with. All you have to do in order to achieve that is learn how to use an electric shaver.

How to prepare for shaving?

If you have sensitive skin and you are afraid of the irritations that an electric razor might cause, we recommend you to follow the next steps that will help you learn how to use an electric shaver in order to avoid that:

• You must start to remove your facial hair by washing your face first, because that way you will be able to soften your beard, and you achieve a cleaner shave.

• After drying your face, you must use your hand to pull your skin tight and your hairs upright. That will help you obtain the closest cut possible, especially if you decide to shave against the grain.

• No matter if you use a rotary or a foil shaver, you must keep in mind that both of these machines are motorized, which means that they can generate heat that cause skin irritations. Therefore, you must take care of your sensitive areas first, while the machine is still cool. The neck is usually the area that can be exposed to irritations, so you can start with that. However, people would sensitive skin should choose a rotary shaver which puts less pressure on the skin. If you read the reviews on electricshavers.reviews, you will see that certain shavers come with special features meant to prevent rashes and irritations.

How to make sure that your machine delivers the best performance?

Irritations can also be caused by an inefficient shaving device, so you must verify if your machine has sharp blades and a smooth surface. These elements must be replaced once a year, unless you want to end up having skin problems. Furthermore, you must maintain your shaver in the best shape by brushing the hairs out of the cutter and by lubricating the metal pieces that it incorporates.