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How to succeed at accessorising – Bring the biker look in your life


If you want to be always up to date with developments in the fashion industry, it would be perfect if you’d incorporate some accessories easy to adapt whether you have a casual or business outfit, whether you attend a cocktail party or a classy wedding reception. And for many fashion icons, these accessories consist of a sterling silver skull bracelet and a couple of several other “metal” accessories. However, if you need a little inspiration, we have some ideas of how you could use metal inspired accessories in various outfits.

The metal Greek goddess

If you are attending one of those classy wedding reception, it would be a great idea to break the norm a little. Leave those pearly necklaces and opt for a skull necklace. The perfect dress for such accessories would be a Greek goddess like dress. The contrast created will surely differentiate from the other attendees and the visual effect will be truly pleasing. A pair of high heel shoes will elongate your figure and the metal accessories will give you a classy, yet different air from the rest.

Incorporate metal accessories in business outfits

If your workplace has a very strict dress code, you can still incorporate gorgeous sterling silver skull necklaces in your outfits. Think of them as a personal approach on restrictive clothing requirements your employer might have from their staff. These necklaces could be easily incorporated in an office outfit, regardless of the usual approach you have on them.  

Incorporate biker rings in boohoo outfits

As you can see, biker accessories are easy to incorporate in all outfits. But if you are a big fan of the boohoo style, they could truly work in your advantage. Accessorise a hippie dress with a series of biker rings and the effect will surely be a unique one. Also try to incorporate some necklaces in a similar tone, or even some bracelets. They will all offer a different aspect to your clothing combinations.

Metal casual outfits

The metal trend will never get old. It is a fashionable approach on clothing and because of this, designers made a celebrity out of it in the past few years. Try biker jackets with metal applications; try leather boots with applications as well as handbags. They are all interesting elements to incorporate in a casual outfit. They will help you create an intricate look. Feminine with a touch of roughness, rebellious, and beautiful in all of its aspects. The accessories we previously mentioned are perfect to add in a plain outfit. You don’t have to put great efforts in combining these elements, because they blend together beautifully. However, make sure you don’t over accessorise an outfit. A piece too much and it will become a complete failure. And most importantly, make sure that you still feel like yourself when wearing such pieces. If you don’t feel comfortable enough to wear so many, give up a few and limit yourself to a single accessory.