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How to get back in shape after giving birth

After the pregnancy, it is very important to be back in your initial shape, not only for your health, but also to regain your self-esteem. If you used to be an active person, it should be very easy to come back to your daily routine, but take some time before starting to exercise. You often see on the TV or in magazines celebrities which soon after giving birth look almost exactly as they did before being pregnant, but this is very difficult to achieve, and most of the times, doctors do not recommend starting to diet the day after your baby is born. The healthiest and realistic way in which you can start losing pregnancy fat is by exercising and eating in the healthiest way possible, but make sure you feed yourself well enough and have enough energy and resources to breastfeed and to take care of your baby. For this reason, collaborating with a Kirkland personal trainer is the best solution: they will know how to design a training program suitable for you and also offer you nutritional advice.

If you look at famous moms, you might feel discouraged in the beginning, but note that they benefit from many other resources than you do, and can even perform esthetical surgeries. However, experts warn that as far as post-pregnancy fat loss is concerned, strict dieting and harsh exercises are not the key. There should be an imbalance between all the elements of a healthy lifestyle, so a professional personal trainer is the person to look for. Of course, investing in your health and looks is not a bad thing, but not everyone can afford it, so just take the process step by step, and remember that your personal trainer will be there to help you with that. To begin with, the coach will evaluate your current state and analyse different variables such as strength, flexibility, imbalance, endurance or motor control, and then draw some conclusions according to which they will design a training program suitable to your condition and skills. In addition to this, there are also tests which evaluate your mental activity and state, so the trainer knows exactly how much you can endure and which should be the intensity of the training plan.

Apart from the exercise plan itself, it is very important to have a positive attitude towards the training program and the results. Needless to say, the goals set must be realistic, you have to be patient, and never skip any session. Furthermore, it is very important to set some clear guidelines in terms of health for all your family, because it will be easier to have a daily routine of the other members of the family also do this. Try to cook as healthy as possible, eliminate fat foods or unnecessary sugars, set the table at reasonable hours, so that everyone has a fixed meal schedule and also make them exercise with you each morning. Let them know that clean habits can also be fun, and lead by example.