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Hot engagement ring trends to watch out for in 2017

A big decision it is to choose an engagement ring… But if you decided that you want to spend the rest of your life next to your partner, it is also a necessary one. Not only it represents the everlasting love between two people, but an engagement ring is made to last forever! To rock it, regardless of the outfit, until the rest of your days. So, the pressure is high. Besides the classic options, you should always remember that there are plenty of other alternatives in which you could invest your money. If you are interested in some amazing diamond trends for 2017, keep reading below before making the big decision.

White gold engagement rings are so hot right now

When it comes to you the ring’s band colour, make sure that you choose one that will always remain in trend. White gold is a perfect option for the classy ladies out there, and women are going crazy for the simplest options available out there. They are simple to wear with every outfit, simple to match with other jewellery pieces and a dream came true for the classy ladies out there.

All ladies will love a single, large diamond stone

And because we are talking classy trends for engagement rings in 2017, a single stone ring may be the perfect and budget friendly alternative that you have. While it will look amazing on your fiancé’s ring finger, it will leave your bank account in proper form. You will have some money to organize the wedding itself as well! This will always remain a trendy piece, and you won’t have to worry about issues with wearing it on the daily basis.

Black diamonds for the daring to-be brides

Yes, there may be nothing classier than a black diamond ring. And although black diamonds aren’t particularly the first thing that one has in mind when thinking of engagement rings, they do look amazing. If you know that your partner is an unconventional person, don’t hesitate to invest in such a piece. They will love it! The edgy look of the dark stone will impress even those who are reluctant to such pieces, and they will take you out of the norm. That’s the dream of a daring and courageous partner!

Stacked engagement rings

Stacked rings have become increasingly popular in the past few years, and needless to say, they won to-be brides’ hearts as well. If you know that your partner is someone who loves being in trend, invest in such pieces when you propose. They will say a hearted “Yes!”. Luckily, these pieces come in various designs and each bride will find one to their taste.

These are some of the hottest trends in terms of engagement rings. If you know that your partner is eager to get engaged, spy on them and see if they have some pieces saved in their browser’s “Bookmarks” section. You might be surprised by what you find there!