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Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Every year Halloween parties are being organized and people are excited to display their most bizarre, fun and innovative costumes. If finding a costume for you is not easy, things change when you are looking for costumes for you and your partner and you can’t decide which one is best. The stores and the Internet are filled with interesting and unique options for Halloween costumes for couples and you and your partner will definitely find the right one that will please both of you. Here are some of the best Halloween costume ideas for couples:

Air Force couple

If you are a fan of the army, this costume will be the best option for you and your partner. The man will wear a khaki jumpsuit with the Air Force logos on it and a pair of aviator glasses will complete the look. As for the woman, she will look stunning in a slim Air Force labeled jumpsuit with a matching beret and accessorized with a pair of aviator gloves and a black belt.

Beetlejuice couple

This idea of a Halloween costume for couples is both funny and scary. The famous Beetlejuice male character is created with a striped suit in black and white, a white shirt with a tie and a crazy white wig matched with a scary makeup. The female Beetlejuice is wearing a sexy short skirt in black and white stripes and a sleek corset in the same pattern. She has a collar with a tie around her neck and a fluffy white wig.

Batman and Cat woman

This is probably one of the most popular Halloween costume ideas for couples. If you want to solve your conflicts on Halloween, go for matching Batman and Cat woman costumes for you and your partner. The man features a classic Batman black suit with a golden belt, a black cape and the popular bat mask that covers half of his face. The woman can show her feline body in a slim black jumpsuit with a black belt around her waist and a pair of knee-length black boots. The headband with cat ears and the eye mask are the ultimate touch to the cat costume.

Socket and plug

If you want to make a point that you and your partner are made for each other and you are the perfect match for one another, this costume is the best way to send the message in a funny way. As usual, the woman gets to be the outlet in a black dress with two white sockets drawn on it, and the man will wear a black costume with a plug around his waist.