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Differently using Christmas ribbons

The winter has come and almost gone, the Christmas lights have been placed back in their box and there are no more carols sung. The holiday everyone loves has passed, so what is there to do with the Christmas ribbons you bought? Some can be placed in boxes, as they will be used next year to decorate the tree. Others, however, can be granted a different purpose, more in the field of fashion. It is true that with just a few ribbons that were placed in the tree not too long ago, you could design a few interesting outfits. You might be wondering how exactly is this possible. Well, here are a few tips and pieces of advices you might find interesting, worth considering.

First of all decide on the ribbons you will be using. It is important to mention that not just any Christmas ribbon can be used in decorating outfits. There are specific such items that can prove to be just the touch you are looking for. You might need to resort only to simple ribbons and bows. As you might have noticed, there are two types of ribbons used for Christmas decorating, there are the simple ones and the stripped or patterned ones. If you are going to use these ribbons on an outfit, then you might want to go for the simple ones. Secondly, always consider size and most importantly, location. By location, you have to think of where you will be placing the bow. For instance, if you are planning to place a ribbon on the back of the dress, then items of a bigger size could work very well. If you are thinking of decorating the entire dress, then smaller ones would be something to consider. Last but not least is the choosing a ribbon that fits with the dress in terms of colors. No matter how much you would want to re-use the Christmas ribbons, not all are fit for outfits. So, make sure that you consider this aspect attentively.


Quite frankly, re-using Christmas bows in this manner is a good idea, one that can be filled with originality and good taste. All it takes is attention, attention to details, like the ones mentioned above. If you consider the aspects mentioned above, you are bound to make good decisions. Of course that other aspects will have to be taken into account by the individuals thinking of using ribbons in this manner, other aspects apart from the ones that have already been mentioned, but all in all, it shouldn’t be too long before you can properly identify the bows you need. Choose fabrics that work. If you want to add something special to a satin dress, you will need a ribbon that made of something similar and not cotton. You can easily imagine that the combination between satin and cotton is not an ideal one. Ribbons have so many uses and instead of placing those used for Christmas in a box, you could make use of them in other purposes.