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Decorating ideas for a stylish wedding reception

With your big day is just around the corner, you might be dealing with a lot of stress due to the many planning responsibilities you will need to handle. Although there are many things that need your attention, the way you decorate your venue should come as a priority. If you want to achieve a more appealing style, but at the same time give your reception that personal, authentic touch, getting a few recommendations on the topic will certainly help you out. The following ideas might just work great for you, so give them some consideration:

Ribbon photography backdrop

Putting together a beautiful spot where your guests can take snaps of each other during the party is a unique and fun idea. Because getting a standard photo booth is no longer original, consider making your own photography background. You can use ribbons to design a romantic, colourful backdrop, which can be used as setting for photos. You will easily find wedding ribbons UK in the colours and patterns of your choice, ones that suit the colour scheme of your reception and are easy to work with, and there are plenty of tutorials on the web on how to handle this project as well.

Ribbon accents to table arrangements

Whether you tie a strap of satin ribbon around wine glasses, or you accessories knives and forks in the same way, ribbon accents to your table arrangements can upgrade your overall wedding décor game significantly. Ribbon has the role of giving any decoration that romantic, appealing feel, so it’s only normal for you to use this element to your advantage. You can always check images on the web to see how things can turn out.

Floating centrepieces

Use giant balloons to give the location a touch of originality. Fill them with helium, and tie them around vases, or other static  elements that might be found on your tables. The helium will make them float towards the ceiling, creating an impressive visual effect. You can also go for the chromatic combination that suits the overall décor best.

As you can see, there are quite a few great ways in which you can achieve the desire reception décor for this special event in your life. Because your reception should be arranged in a way that appeals to guests, but also meets your particular desires on style, researching the topic before starting to work on the décor is recommended, and with the tips mentioned above, you will be getting a great starting point.