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Christmas guide: glamorous gift wrapping ideas for style enthusiasts

If you are a style enthusiast, each celebration represents the perfect opportunity for you to let your great fashion sense and personality shine. You make sure to allocate enough time in order to complete your interesting DIY projects and reveal them at the right moment so that everyone can admire your efforts. Over the years, Christmas allowed you to play with materials, colors and patterns by selecting one theme at a time and challenging your imagination. Since you can find inspiration everywhere, you never miss the chance to put into practice every idea that comes to your mind. Taking into account that you focused mainly on home décor the last time, now you decided to direct your attention towards gift-wrapping and in order to make the process even more difficult, you set a shoestring budget for your DIY project. Of course, your stylish gifts still need to match the chosen theme.

Go wild when shopping for ribbon

Obviously, you will have to start by collecting all the necessary materials for gift-wrapping. The most important element that you could never forget about refers to ribbon. Apart from meeting all your criteria because it is cheap, versatile and stylish at the same time, it comes in a multitude of materials, colors and patterns. Therefore, not finding ribbons that match your theme is almost impossible. For instance, if you are thinking about something simple and elegant, then sparkly silver or gold ribbon as well as white lace ribbon will be ideal. On the other hand, if you are going for an extravagant style, then you should purchase organza, grosgrain or even merry Christmas cotton ribbon. In terms of colors, velvet, red or blue will probably stand out more. While you are shopping for ribbon, you can also explore Christmas sacks. After all, these elements are the hallmark of winter holiday season because you can spot them in any home.

Add a special touch to each gift

If you dare to be different then consider layering multiple types of ribbon. This will definitely captivate the attention of the receiver and force him or her to admire the packaging before opening the present. Furthermore, you can also add ornaments for a personal touch. For instance, you can take different elements from the Christmas tree and add them to each present or you can take into account the personality or preferences of each receiver and add something that will exude that unique personality.