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Chic ways to style your abaya

The majority of people have the misconception that abaya is a simple back dress, Muslim women wear. But if you are a Muslim then you know that this piece of clothing has a greater significance that goes beyond clothing and fashion. It is considered a concept that reunites delicateness, modesty, functionality and femininity in a single dress. Moreover, it is incredibly comfortable, even if people think that women feel great heat in it. If you wear open abayas you want to look amazing, so you will definitely find quite interesting the following ideas on how to mix and match different clothing items.

Abaya and belt

You may want to bring a stylish touch to your old abaya, so what better way to do it, than accessorizing it with a belt. Yes, you read it right, a small detail as a belt can change your outfit and make a dull abaya look like a fashionable piece. You can wear this outfit at a restaurant, or during evening. You should select a belt model that stands out, as a coloured or metallic one.

Abayas and trousers

If you like to wear open abayas, then you can complete the look with a pair of trousers. Women travel a lot, run errands or go from a place to another and they have to do it fast and comfortable. If you want to feel comfortable while doing your daily activities, then you can wear a pair of trousers under it. Pay attention to the colours, because if you pair them right you will achieve a modest and fashionable look. Many women choose to wear open abayas with jeans. The big trend of the moment is to wear jeans with high heels and embroidered abayas, so you should try this outfit one day.

Abayas and neutral outfits

If you have to dress for a night out, then you can match the abaya with a neutral look. If you have to get dressed for a family reunion, then you have to look luxurious but modest in the same time, and this can be quite tricky. However, you have a solution, you can pair an abaya in a colour you like with a neutral shirt and a simple pair of trousers. If you go for this look then you can choose bright colour for the abaya. And if you want to impress everyone with your look, then you can accessorise the outfit with an oversized necklace.