Chest Exercises for Women

When it comes to working out, men are a lot more meticulous than women. When they commit to working out, they research routines for exercising all the visible muscles so that they can get as much as possible from the time spent on the gym. On the other hand, most women who work out focus mainly on the abs and gluts, sometimes on the legs and arms. However, very few women know that there are certain exercises which you can do in order to enhance and naturally lift your breasts. In this article we will cover some very useful chest exercises for women which will help you keep your breast in shape.

In order to be able to work your breasts, you need to understand how the chest muscles work. You have 3 groups on muscles on your chest: the lower chest muscles, the middle chest muscles and the upper chest muscles. The upper chest muscles don’t need to be exercised because they will not make any difference in the way your chest looks. However, if you work the lower and the middle muscles, you will be able not only to lift your breasts but also enhance them.

1. Decline chest exercises
These chest exercises for women are very useful for your lower muscles and your routine should include 3 sets of 10-12 reps. In order to do them, you need to grab some weights (whichever ones you are comfortable with). Take a 30 seconds break between each set. When doing the breast workout, sit on an inclined exercise bench (head slightly lower than the legs) with your upper arms parallel to the ground. Each lift should be maintained for 2 seconds down and 2 seconds up. Inhale when lowering the weights and exhale when you are lifting them. In order to get the best results, you should increase your weights with each set. However, stick to weights with which you feel comfortable with.

2. Flat dumbbell press
For this next breast exercise, the bench should be flat. Do the same lifts, starting with the lightest weights (10 pounds or less). Next, do another set with the heavier weights (15 pounds or less). When you take your breaks between exercises, you need to find stretchy positions which relieve the tension from your lower back. Hold the stretches for 30 seconds and breath deeply while doing them. Finish with a third set with the heavier weights.

3. Decline dip
This is the final exercise and it includes 3 sets of 10-15 rips. In order to do this exercise, you sit on the bench, supporting your weight in your arms which are positioned perpendicular to your body, hands right outside the hips. Grab on to the bench and use your arms to lift yourself of the bench. These chest exercises for women can be as easy or as hard as you want them to be, depending on the position of your feet. It is a great way to work your pectorals as well as your arms. When you take a break between these sets of exercises, try to stretch your arms in order to relieve some of the tension. Try to make each set more challenging by bringing your feet out more.