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Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong- Tara Reid’s Poor Choices

Tara Reid is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood, but people started to be really interested in her life when the star decided to go under the knife in order to improve her aspect. Although her talent was complemented by her amazing beauty, Tara wasn’t satisfied with the way she looked, so she decided to ask for a plastic surgeon’s help to achieve a better image. Unfortunately, her doctor wasn’t a skilled one, and that is how people started to talk about another celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong.

The results of a celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong draw lots of attention, because it seems that more and more people want to find out which the repercussions of cosmetic interventions are. Based on the bad results that Jocelyn Wildenstein, Scott Thompson, Meg Ryan, Mickey Rourke and many other famous people had to deal with after undergoing cosmetic surgery, people are more aware of the risks involved in this matter. Moreover, Tara’s intervention definitely represents a celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong that can serve as an example for those who are not happy with their aspect. According to the star’s sayings, she didn’t have any major physical problem when she decided to use surgery, but now she regrets the decisions that she made.

Liposuction results

Tare declared in one of her interviews that she didn’t think she was fat when she decided to have a liposuction, but she wanted to have a six pack, which is something that she never achieved. It appears that she worked with an incompetent doctor who couldn’t provide the desired results. That is how the actress ended up having bums on her abdomen, and loose and crinkly skin. So, the tummy tuck that Tara opted for didn’t well as planned, and she still has to deal with the consequences.

Breast implants

The same inexperienced doctor that made Tara’s abdomen look worse than it looked before the operation took care of her breast implants. The actress claims that she opted for smaller implants, but the plastic surgeon who was supposed to improve her aspect didn’t pay attention to her desires. Therefore, the celebrity got a breast enlargement surgery that made her breasts look saggy, which is something that made her even more popular than her movie career. However, Tara said that she got used to her new aspect and that she is aware of the fact that she can do nothing about it.