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Best Fall Bags 2013

A purse is one of the most important elements of a woman’s outfit. It does not only have a practical use, but it can also add a touch of style to an outfit. You can completely revive a boring outfit with a statement purse. Women are completely smitten with these accessories and they find great pleasure in receiving gifts of this kind. As seasons change so do the purse trends. Let’s see what the best fall bags 2013 are, so you can best decide which such purse makes the best such fashion gift for your mom.

  • Popular bag shapes

All women know that certain outfits require specific purses. For example, you cannot pull off an elegant night gown with a satchel or pouch. A elegant gown requires a tiny yet sophisticated purse such as a jeweled box clutch. If you plan a busy day you will need a large bag such as a shopper or a tote. Well, luckily for us, the designers are well aware of the fact that all women have different purse needs. The 2013 fall collections offer a wide variety of purses that will satisfy even the most pretentious shoppers. The best fall bags 2013 are box clutches, envelope clutches, pouches, bucket bags, duffel bags, elongated frames, totes and shoppers. We have noticed that the most popular bags present certain characteristics. For example this season’s totes are very structured and they are defined by straight lines. Furthermore, the most beloved pouches are the ones with a furry exterior. Lady like cross bodies are also making a comeback and the bright colored ones are extremely popular.

  • Colors and prints

The 2013 fall trends have some distinctive characteristics which can be seen in all the fashion clothes, shoes and accessorizes. As far as bags go, the most popular colors are animal prints (especially the zebra print), purple, dusty pink, blue, emerald, green, gray, beige, yellow, mustard, burgundy, red and black. As far as materials go, the best fall bags 2013 are made out of leather or fur. Distinctive characteristics include sequins, golden chains, golden zippers, studs and snaps. We are also noticing that a lot of purses have distinctive contours defined by straight lines.

  • Bold designs

According to most designers, the 2013 fall is dominated by bold fashion choices. In order to give an outfit a touch of originality, try to wear a purse which has a weird shape. We have already established that zebra prints are very popular but how about a purse which is actually shaped like a zebra. Lips shaped purses are also very interesting and so are apple shaped clutches. Furthermore if you really want to make a statement you should try a purse in a dark neon color.

This year, women have so many choices and it almost seems a shame not to take advantage of this diversity. Since nothing can compare with a beautiful purse, with a slick, sophisticated design, offered as a gift, consider this idea for the upcoming Mother’s Day celebration! A great bag will surely be the best fashion gift for your mom.