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Beauty Trends That Ruled the Spring 2014 Runways

As winter is slowly approaching, most women focus on their cold season wardrobe and beauty products. However, the most dedicated fashion victims know that you must always plan your fashion moves in advance. In order to make sure that you will be just as stylish in the next year as you were this year, it is essential to analyze the 2014 Spring fashion Week. Not only did the designers present some fabulous clothes and accessories but the runaways were also dominated by gorgeous makeups and hairstyles. Some trends were bold and daring such as the teal eye makeups while others were delicate such as the nude, simple nail art designs. Lets check out the beauty trends that rules the spring 2014 runaways. After all, it is never too soon to start practicing new spring makeups and hairstyles.

  • Blue and teal eye makeup

One of the most popular beauty trends for Spring 2014 is the blue eye makeup. This has been featured in numerous collections such as Marc Jacobs and it was the preferred style of makeup artist Francsois Nars. Nars focused on edgy blue cat eyes. The edgy makeup was completed with short, daring hairstyles. The classic cat eyes were also very popular on the Spring 2014 runways.

  • Pale shades

Spring is the season which marks the revival of nature and a lot of makeup artists used this as inspiration in order to create fabulous natural makeups. The nude eye makeups were completed with fresh berry or bright orange lips. Another popular trend was the use of white eye makeup in natural makeups. This gave the models a very eerie and nostalgic look. Inspired by the revival of nature, certain makeup artists also used a touch of green in the model’s looks. The pale shades dominated not only the makeup trends but also the simple nail art designs which were mostly nude with small accents or bright colors.

  • Hair trends

As far as the hair goes, the 2014 Spring Fashion Week showed us that the best way a woman can highlight her natural beauty is by choosing soft and uncomplicated hairdos. One of the most noticeable beauty trends was the return of the low pony tail. The 2014 Spring runaways also featured a lot of messy, undone updos as well as fuzzy french braids and braided hairbands inspired by Frida Kahlo.