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AW13 Colored Trousers Trend Guide

For a long time, the fashion industry dictated that plain pants were the foundation of a trendy outfit. The outfit was built around the pants yet they were never the center of attention. However, a few years ago, a new trend appeared: colored pants. Women were very receptive to this new trend and they quickly adapted their fashion styles to it. Men on the other hand are more reluctant to wear colorful outfits so they were not very interested in the colored pants trend. However, according to the latest autumn/winter collections, all fashionable men should have at least one pair of colored pants in their wardrobes. Lets see what are the most popular colors and how you can wear them.

Color guide

As we mentioned above, men are not very fond of bright colors, especially when it comes to clothes. However, there are certain colors which are manly enough to be worn by everybody. The most popular colored trousers come in shades of red, burgundy, green, orange, purple, mustard, shimmering blue shades and even yellow. As you can see most of the acceptable colors for trousers represent the basic fall tones. These shades are not only manly but they are also the most popular colors of the autumn/winter season.

How to wear colored trousers

The colors presented above are great if they are combined together. For example, if you wear a pair of mustard pants, you can combine it with a burgundy sweater or a green shirt. As far as the coats and jackets go, try to stick with dark colors such as gray, navy, black and burgundy. If you choose a more daring color such as yellow, try to avoid prints and patterns. Instead, choose simple shirts and a black coat. In order to compensate for the lack of prints in the clothes you can choose printed accessories such as scarfs, ties and bow ties.

Casual or elegant?

A lot of people are under the impression that colored trousers are only suited for casual outfits. However, the dark colors of fall are great for elegant outfits. In order to make a pair of colored pants look more elegant you have to pay special attention to the upper side of the outfit. For example, combine rust pants with a white or light blue shirt and a red bow tie. However there are certain colors which don’t go very well with office outfits such as purple, faded pink or yellow.

Since creased pants are no longer in style, let us give you a quick tip: put your iron to rest (we know how much you hate ironing clothes) and try a clothes steamer. This device is ideal for the slightly stretchy pants presented above as it has the ability to give stretched clothes their original shape. Moreover, it is a faster way to get rid of wrinkles than the classic iron. If we’ve convinced you, check out steamer.clothing where you will find more information on the latest garment steamers. We hope that our trends guide and our useful ironing tip will help you look good in the new season.