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Arm Workouts for Men – Bigger Arms in Just One Day

Men’s health and fitness tips often imply that it takes a lot of time and hard work in order to stay in shape but things are not always like that. If you are one of the many men who don’t have enough time to hit the gym every day, then you might be interested in the following arm workouts for men. In this article, we have combined some very efficient workouts. If you do these programs in a single day, according to the plan presented bellow, you will obtain great results. However, be prepared to endure a couple of days of sore muscles as instant gratification comes with a painful price.

  • Program 1

This program starts with 8-10 reps of hammer curls. After finishing the set take a one minute rest break and continue with 8-10 reps of lying triceps extensions. Repeat the two sets one more time. When doing the hammer curls, take one second to raise and four seconds to lower. When doing them, your feet should be positioned at the same width as your shoulders and your palms should be facing in when holding the dumbbells. Curl one weight up then reverse the motion and repeat for the other side. When doing the lying triceps extension lie on a bench or on a floor with your face up. Hold a dumbbell in each hand while keeping your arms perpendicular to the ground. Lower the weights until they reach your ears and then reverse the movement.

  • Program 2

Start the second program of arm workouts for men with 6-8 reps of chair dips. Take a 90 seconds rest break and continue with the overhand curls. Repeat the 2 sets ( with the proper rest breaks in between them). When doing the chair dip, grab the sides or a chair, arms fully extended, and step forward, extending your legs. Slowly bend your elbows, lowering your body to the floor. Next, straighten your arms and push yourself back again. When doing the overhand curl, take one second to raise and four seconds to lower. Position your feet parallel to your shoulders, holding a dumbbell in each hand with an overhand grip. Curl the weights up to your shoulder and slowly reverse the action.

  • Program 3

Start the third program with 15 reps of hammer curls and 15 reps of lying triceps extensions. Repeat the two sets and don’t forget to rest for 60 seconds after each set.

  • Program 4

The fourth arm exercise program includes four sets with 90 seconds rest breaks in between them. Do 12 reps or chair dips, 12 reps of overhand curls, another 12 reps of chair dips and another 12 reps of overhand curls.


  • How should your workout day look like

The 4 programs or arm workouts for men presented above will be performed several times during one exhausting day. You should start the day at 9 am, after having had a healthy yet consistent breakfast (preferably a power smoothie). Start with the first program. You have 30 minutes until your next program so be careful with your breaks. At 9:30, you should start the second program and at 10 you should repeat the first one. Since you will be working out all the day, you will need a lot of energy so don’t skip your meals. Take a recovery meal at 10:15, resume your workouts by alternating the first and second program until 12:45 when you take lunch. Continue by alternating the first programs until 14:45 when you will enjoy a power shake. After the shake, you start alternating Programs 3 and 4 until your recovery meal at 17:15. Continue with the third and forth program until dinner at 19:30.

As you can see, this article does not contain miracle health and fitness tips. The exercised presented above will indeed offer instant results yet they do require a lot of hard work and are only suitable for motivated men who will not be held back by sore muscles.