Aperlai Fall/Winter 2013/2014 Shoes

When it comes to fashion, all women have certain weaknesses. Some women are obsessed with handbags, others with jewelry, but most women have an inexplicable weakness for shoes. Although it is a small detail, a pair of shoes can completely redefine an outfit. Furthermore, a nice pair of shoes can completely change a way a woman feels about herself. Each shoe brand has a certain image about the perfect shoes. Aperlai is a brand that has won the hearts of women all over the world with their exquisite shoe models. Lets see how their latest collection looks like!

  • Aperlai fall/winter 2013/2014 shoes

The latest Aperlai collection is dedicated to the fall/winter season. The collection was designed by the brilliant Alessandra Lanvin which is a genius when it comes to anticipating the new trends. The latest shoe collection is dedicated for bold fashionistas who like statement outfits and who know that a perfect shoe needs to be worn with the right attitude. The collection is defined by the brand’s style motto: pure lines, contrasts, asymmetric designs and sophistication. These winter fashion ideas are great for any type of woman, so don’t hesitate to picture yourself wearing any of these shoes, you will definitely like some of them.

  • The dominating fall/winter trends

The main colors of the fall winter trends are abundant in the latest Aperlai collection. The most popular colors are blue, silver, purple, emerald, mustard, yellow, nude tones and orange. So if you were thinking of buying some cool silver shoes, now you know they are actually in trend, and they can be very well matched by a brightly colored evening outfit. The collections also features black and white prints, thick statement heels, sequins and snaps. Another characteristic of the new collection is the interesting contrast between leather and soft materials. These shoes are definitely not suitable for shy women. On the contrary, this collection is dedicated to women who enjoy being the center of attention and who express their unique personalities through their fashion choices. Winter fashion ideas like this are hard to come by, and these shoes will definitely transform your winter outfits into eye-turners.

  • Designs

The Aperlai fall/winter collection features some unique shoe designs. There is a shoe for every whether and for every outfit. The collection features, flats, kitten heels, stilettos and platforms but also ankle boots, high boots, ankle straps, peep toes and pumps. No matter what type of heels you prefer or what type of whether you are about to face, you will definitely find a perfect shoe model in the new Aperlai collection. The statement models are not defined by bright colors but by unique, asymmetric designs. The most sophisticated shoe models feature a very thick heel with a unique design. This collection is an inspiration to how a woman’s shoe closet should look like. All women should have at least one shoe for all whether and all occasions.