Alexander McQueen Spring-Summer 2014

All designers have a certain vision of what a fashionable woman should look like. According to the past seasons, Sarah Burton, believes that the Alexandre McQueen woman should be delicate and romantic. However, the recent collection was quite unpredictable as Burton surprised everyone with a vibrant collection inspired by ancient warriors. Lets take a deeper look at the Alexander McQueen Spring-Summer 2014 collection and see how an urban warrior woman should look like.

  • Colors and details

The most dominant colors of the Alexander McQueen Spring-Summer 2014 collection are red, blue, black and white. The clothing looks like urban armors, featuring numerous metallic accents and numerous surface details such as pleats, bullets, fringes, punctures, embroideries and beads, most of them based on geometric patterns.

  • Shoes

High heels will never be out of style and usually, the higher they are the more stylish their look. The shoes displayed at the McQueen Spring Summer collection looked like something that super heroines would wear. The heels were sculptural and quite unconventional with the base of the heel extending outside the back of the shoe. We have seen strappy sandals in numerous other spring summer collections but the thick leather straps and the numerous opulent buckles completely redefined our image of a spring shoe.

  • Warrior accents

The warrior inspiration could not be missed as it was present in most of the outfits. The elements which created the image of an urban warrior were leather bra tops, metallic harnesses, kilts and drop waisted skirts. A lot of models wore pieces which revealed the upper part of the body through geometric cutouts. Leather was a very important material present in most of the outfits and it came in all the collection’s color palette.

  • Feminine accents

Despite the leather bras, the metallic helmets and harnesses, the warrior woman still manages to maintain some of its femininity. The feminine touches include ostrich feathers, crochet dresses, pleated skirts and detailed lacework. Another nice touch was the low waistline combined with skirts and trousers featuring hip volume. This combination created a very nice illusion of a long, hourglass figure. The hip volume was created with peplums, skater skirts and ruffles.

The Alexander McQueen Spring-Summer 2014 collection was a perfect mix of strength and delicacy, modernism and tradition, elegance and comfort. It showed that a woman can be both powerful and delicate. It was a new vision of Sarah Burton and it was a nice break from the overall pale trends that we have seen in most of the spring-summer 2014 collections.